Sharp Social Review

Sharp Social Review

Sharp Social Review

In this Sharp Social Review, we will examine what the Sharp Social tool is, what it does, and give you the information you need to determine if it is a good fit for your marketing efforts.

Do you have lots of views on your YouTube account and lots of comments on your Facebook and Instagram accounts? If this is you, why not turn them into cash? You can change those comments into referrals, traffic leads, direct sales with the push of just a button with the Sharp Social product.

If you have people commenting on your brand on your social media accounts and viewing your posts, you can reach out to them with Sharp Social and take advantage of their engagement.

Sharp Social Review – What is Sharp Social?

Sharp Social is a tool that helps you connect your Facebook and YouTube, scans all your posted comments and analyses them using Artificial Intelligence. It does analysis based on IBM’s technology. It is the first and only smart user engaging application of its kind. You can know what your audience is feeling and respond to them with the click of a button.

It understands the context of your messages, the emotions, and sentiments of the comments and sends out a private message or replies to a comment quickly and appropriately. It uses the moods of your clients to return messages back. Sharp Social is one of the most profitable and engaging social application ever created.

Sharp Social Review – Who Can Benefit From Sharp Social?

This product is for anyone and everyone who wants to engage with their audience. If you own a Facebook account and a YouTube account, you should be engaging with your audience. Sharp Social helps you easily keep your audience engaged with you.

Sharp Social is good for any type of business as well. If you want to boost your online presence and develop a relationship with your customers, Sharp Social is for you. Bloggers, e-commerce marketers, or any kind of on line marketer can benefit with the engagement Sharp Social can provide.

Sharp Social Review – How Sharp Social Can Turn Your Comments and Engagements Into Profits.

  • Connect and scan your YouTube or Facebook accounts for your user’s comments.
  • Sharp Social uses advanced learning and Artificial Intelligence technology from IBM to tell you which comments are positive, negative or neutral and show you the comment’s emotions like happiness, sadness, or anger.
  • It lets you send out a custom private message based on the emotions of the comments. It is really easy to use; no complicated dashboard.

Sharp Social Review – How Do You Use Sharp Social?

To get started, you create a campaign to monitor the brand of your choice and their social profiles. Then you connect your Facebook or YouTube account. When you click on the Facebook tab, Sharp Social will show your posts, dates, likes, and comments. By clicking on the insights, you can get a report of your overall fan page impressions, page engagement, analytics and reactions to the pages.

By clicking on the analytics, it shows you a view of the sentimental page; whether positive, negative or neutral. It also shows the growth, consumption and daily video views of your page. You can go back to a post that has a lot of comments and reactions, click on an arrow and leave a personalized comment for negative or positive posts. You are also able to do a bulk action based message to a group of people with related sentiments.

Sharp Social allows you to see the overall sentiments on your post. It can be done with other social media applications like YouTube. You can check YouTube subscriber growth, also the estimated tone that has been spent on the page as well.

Sharp Social Review – What Does Sharp Social Offer?

  • Protect your position by sending support messages to people that are angry, confused or feeling negative and shut down negativity.
  • Turn your neutral followers into customers, and entice them.
  • Change your upset fans into satisfied users by sending them information and links.
  • Reward happy customers too by sending them a referral link.

How Will You Benefit From Using Sharp Social?

  • Turn the comments of viewers to cash
  • Get direct sales from views and more traffic on your page.
  • Improve the confidence of your viewers by providing prompt replies.
  • Improve the reaction of your fan page.
  • Protect your character.
  • Turn the negative comments on your page into sales.
  • Increase communication with your viewers.
  • Save time from replying one on one to every comment or view on your page.
  • It is 100% compliant with YouTube and Facebook TOS.

Are There Any Downsides to Sharp Social?

Based on the fact that this is a very new tool that solves the time consuming process of reading and answering all of your comments, it is so far the best application created for such a purpose.

For what it does accomplish, I can see no downside.

Are There Any Added Features to Sharp Social?

Sharp Social offers two added features at no extra cost.

  • Response Tagging: Tag the date of the week when you respond to a private message or comment on your page. You can tag your customer’s name and reply a customized message by tagging their names.
  • Responder: This scans every new comment and figures out the sentiments and emotions, then replies the comments automatically based on the emotions. It automatically analyses the comments and figures out the reply. For instance, it sends a reply to a positive comment and immediately deletes a negative comment on your post.

Sharp Social Review – Conclusion:

Sharp Social is very easy to use, relieves you of time and energy you would have originally spent trying to reply to all your positive comments or deleting your negative comments, or trying to attract more views on your page. With Sharp Social, your page becomes enticing, easier to communicate, and increases your traffic and sales; thereby making your social network application profitable and engaging.

Get Sharp Social here today and start leaving a great impression to your visitors!

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Sharp Social

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