SEO Toolkit Review – 25 Powerful SEO Tools To Rank Your Site Higher

SEO Toolkit Review – 25 Powerful SEO Tools To Rank Your Site Higher

SEO Toolkit Review – SEO Tools To Improve Your Rankings

In this SEO Toolkit review, we will examine the SEO tools included in the product.

If you have a website or a number of websites, you are aware of the search engine traffic problem. That is, no one will find your site if it doesn’t rank near the top of the search engines.

So, how should you win this traffic battle? The answer seems to be simple– get your content to rank on the first page of Google for the search terms that will bring the audience you seek. Then, you get the prize of massive amounts of free traffic. But is it really that simple?

The answer is NO.

Of course, you are way ahead of the game if you have the technical knowledge of SEO. And of course, the skills to accomplish the needed tasks. But for those who do not have the knowledge or skills, ranking content is a troublesome thing to do.

Well, Ankur Shukla has created software to ease the problem, and we will look at his creation in this SEO Toolkit review.

Introducing SEO Toolkit!

This software can guide and direct you in the planning and completing your SEO. Wanna know more? Then continue reading this SEO Toolkit review!

SEO ToolKit Review

SEO Toolkit Review – Main Features

This is a 25-in-1 powerful SEO software. You can optimize your sites like an SEO expert. Let’s have a look at each tool.

  1. Article Spinner and Rewriter – Easily spin articles or text – This works in seven languages – Quickly create unique content for your sites
  2. Plagiarism Checker – Software checks the uniqueness of your article or text. Unique content helps to get better rankings
  3. Backlink Maker – Automatically creates backlinks to your website – Get backlinks to your posts with one click
  4. Meta Tag Generator – The software creates Google-friendly meta tags. Improves your onsite SEO adding proper metatags for Google and other search engines
  5. Meta Tags Analyzer – Analyzes the Meta Tags for ANY webpage. Find out what keywords your competitors are targeting and use them to improve your onsite SEO.
  6. Keyword Position Checker – Find out what position a website ranks in Google & Yahoo for multiple keywords. Gives you powerful information about your and your competitors rankings for multiple keywords.
  7. XML Sitemap Generator – Generate an XML sitemap for your website. Improve your SEO ranking by creating a sitemap and submitting it to multiple search engines.
  8. Backlink Checker – Discover the number of backlinks a website has. Find out how many backlinks your website has (or your competitors).
  9. Alexa Rank Checker – Find out the Alexa Rank of a website. Get info about the popularity of a website.
  10. Online Ping Website Tool – Ping your website from 60+ websites. Improve your SEO by notifying search engines of new pages in your website.
  11. Link Analyzer – Get information about all the links in your website. Get the info you need to improve on-page SEO for your website.
  12. Keyword Density Checker – Find out how many times each keyword appears on a website. Find out what keywords your competitors are targeting and improve your onsite SEO.
  13. Google Malware Checker – Find out if your website has been hacked. Keep your site safe.
  14. Broken Links Finder – Find out if your site has broken links, identify them and remove them for better SEO and higher rankings.
  15. URL Rewriting Tool – Creates an .htaccess file with your URL rewriting. Improve your permalink structure.
  16. Redirect Checker – Find out if your website has www / non www redirection.
  17. MozRank Checker – Find out MozRank, Page Authority and Domain Authority for any domain. Get useful SEO information.
  18. Server Status Checker – Find out the status of your server (online/offline). Make sure your website is online.
  19. Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator – Discover how your website looks at several screen resolutions. Make sure your website looks good on mobile devices.
  20. Reverse IP Domain Checker – Find other domains hosted in the same server. Spy on your competitors.
  21. Blacklist Lookup – Find out if your domain/ip has been blacklisted. Make sure your website is not blacklisted/penalized.
  22. Page Speed Checker Tool – Speed is a very important factor for ranking your sites higher especially on mobile devices – use this to check your speed.
  23. Link Price Calculator – Find out how much a link from a specific domain might be worth. Find information about the best websites to get backlinks from.
  24. Domain Hosting Checker – Find out which hosting company a website is using.
  25. Google Index Checker – Find out how many pages Google has indexed for a specific domain. Get useful information for your SEO from Google.

Download SEO Toolkit now!

SEO Toolkit Review – How Does It Work?

This is super easy to use. Not convinced? Let’s go check the demo video below:

Good Points

  1. Super user friendly
  2. Doesn’t require deep knowledge on SEO
  3. Responsive Technical SupportSEO ToolKit Review

Bad Points

So far, we don’t have any problem with the product. You just have to make sure that you are using this with fast internet connection to get 100% functionality. If you encounter unknown issue, support helpdesk is open to help you.

SEO Toolkit Review – Conclusion

There you have it! This software gives you the tools and the things you need to know to take your ranking career into the next level without a sweat. GET Your copy of SEO Toolkit Here!


SEO Toolkit

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